Personalized Vegan Meals

Free Up 15 Hours A Month & Enjoy 
Yummy Vegan Food With Enough Protein 
Whilst Preventing & Reversing Disease

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Makan Meal Planner Benefits
Personalized To Your Needs
The number 1 reason why other meal box services and meal planners are not optimal for you: They are not personalized. Makan Meal Planner is programmed so you can thrive on a vegan diet, as everything is calculated on your personal needs, wants and (dis)likes. 
Save 15 Hours A Month
Imagine saving at least 30 minutes a day on prepping, cooking and groceries. That's 15 hours a month! Seriously, how much would that be worth for you?
Filter Your Allergies & Dislikes
Whether you are allergic to gluten or soy. Or don't like kidney beans or tomatoes (for example). Makan Meal Planner only gives you vegan recipes with ingredients you can digest and like.  
How Much Time And What Tools?
No time to waste? I get it. You won't see any recipes where you have to spend more time in the kitchen than desired. Also, you'll never get a vegan meal plan where you need tools you don't have. Pretty cool, huh?
Enough Protein & Nutrients
Yes, you can lose fat and grow muscle on a vegan diet! This is me on the left. With my 2.03 meter (6'8") and 103 kg (225 pounds), I am confident and proud to say: If I can do it, so can you! All recipes are formulated by registered dietitians, nutritionists, engineers, and recipe developers so you can thrive!
Grocery Delivering
Create a personalized vegan meal box yourself by syncing your grocery list to Amazon Fresh, Instacart or Peapod. If available in your region of course! Don't worry if that's not available yet: You can still order your weekly grocery list through your local online grocery delivery service or supermarket. 
My 30- Day Money Back Guarantee
If you don't think this is the best Personalized Vegan Meal Program in the world, let me know within 30 days, and you get your money back. Nothing to lose but fat! I believe this will change your life, so where are you waiting for?
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Here's What Others Say
Jeff Richardson
"This is truly next-level meal planning."
Leroy Jenkins
"I can even add my wife & kids to my program!"
Bob van der Vaart
"Skeptical at first. Raving fan within days!"

"Hey, I'm Coach Casper. Vegan for 4+ years.
I know exactly what works, and what doesn't.
I promise you, this is your best investment for 2020. You implement this. You win. The end.

I Believe In You,
- Casper

Recap - or when you didn't watch the video and scrolled down right away :-)
👉 No generic crap: All your meals are personalized, based on your needs, dislikes, allergies, household, activity, and goals!
👉 No more thinking and planning, creating 15 hours of free time every month!
👉 Hundreds of recipes backed by science - customized to your needs - 100% vegan - recipes!
👉 Automatically link all ingredients to a grocery list.
👉 Recipes are based on tools & time in the kitchen.
👉 Prevent & reverse the #1 global killer: Heart disease.
👉 Next level convenience: Have your groceries delivered by Amazon Fresh, Instacart or Peapod*. (*if available in your region)
👉 Desktop, tablet, and smartphone friendly - super easy to use. (if my mum can use it, so can you.)
👉 30- days money-back guarantee.

✅ Better for your health - lower your risk of leading causes of death like heart disease & stroke.
✅ Better for the animals - stop contributing to billions of young animals getting their throat sliced.
✅ Better for the environment - meat & dairy industry is responsible for the biggest greenhouse gas emissions
(more than all motorized transportation together: cars/airplanes/boats/motorbikes)
✅ Better for the people - ever wondered how life is for a slaughterhouse worker?
(Higher risk of suicide, depression, and addiction)
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